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The moon and Fishing ?

The moon and the sun have a dramatic effect our our planet caused by the magnetic force they have on all our waters. Oceans being more affected simply by their sheer size.

This magnetic force causes the oceans to move back and forth and we call this the tides.. The effect of the moon is more acute being closest to the earth

A full cycle of the moon is as follows:
1- Full moon
2- Last Quarter
3- New Moon
4- First Quarter

This cycle repeats every 28 days


The tides come every 6 hours. During 24 hours their will be a high, low, high and low tide. Fish will feed more aggresivly depending of the tides, position of the moon and the time of day/night.

How can this help me catch more fish ?

Fish are more active 4 days prior to the full moon and 4 days following the new moon. There are other factors involved in this like water temperature, it's colour, the supply of food, clouds, birds activities and if you had a bad sleep the night before. But the most important thing is "If you dont go fishing, you wont catch any fish"

Still the best way to study the habits of fishes is an agenda that will cover the dates, times, lunar phases, the tides, types of fishing you used, and all othe pertinent informations that you think plausible. Following these entries you can define the best way and period to go fishing. It may take years before you develop a sensible journal, but hey! this is the pleasure of fishing, isn't it A good angler does not hope for luck alone...