A surprise from our friend Marian Krawscak suite...

Terminology of flies next...

Bogota, 1978. Every morning on the way to work along the Quinze, I stopped and marveled... next...

Michel Lajoie ™
Le Moucheux™ Michel Lajoie™ présente une gamme de cannes de bambou , ... next...

An homage to Carrie Stevens by offering a Swap of her Streamers. See rules of the swap here,.... suite...

Many tiers have difficulty comparing hooks from different companies. The following.... next...

Weights for fly lines (in grains)

Furled Leaders
One evening in may, 1998, on the banks of the fable Ausable river in New York, ...suite

CURIOSITÉ (in french only)
Chose qui éveille l'intérêt ou la surprise. Larousse. ... suite

Hooks and Bead Heads

We are all a little confused concerning which hook and size to use with a certain size bead. next...


All our fly lines hold memory. That's the coil like spring that you see when you take your line out the first time in the new season.... next...

New York State Fishing report
This site is designed to provide a categorized link directory of all fly fishing websites in New York including ... next

Felts and Studs
Felts by itself are great on flat rock bottom but if you wade where there are round slipery rocks and some strong currents they are not so good. They will not stop you from zig zaging ... next

Balanced Equipment
You have a sore wrist, a sore arm or pain to your shoulder after a day's fishing? Your rod is tip heavy and leans to the front? You can't make good casts? You dont get the distance you want? The fly line feels heavy? ... next
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On June 16, 2007, will be the official opening of the new Canadian Fly Fishing Museum. Located at 650 rue de la Cour in Waterloo, the Museum will be open from 10 am to 5 pm every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (10 am to 4 pm) and Sunday (1 pm to 4 pm) until September 8
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